Saturday, May 16, 2020

How To Benefit Your Career Goals During Lockdown - Things NOT To Do.

It all started on the 1st of May, when a message was delivered to me on a silver platter along with Turkish Delight and a white candle. (Ok fine, I lie, the message was emailed to me in word document.)

But nevertheless, I would like to think that as a life detective (aka blogger), I can take any problem, add in a few facts, find some evidence and SOLVE it timeously! Especially in relation to ways one could benefit their career goals.

Which brings me back to the 1st of May when the "problem" announced itself. Turns out that as from this month, and due to lockdown, everyone at my company I work for, including me, will now be working part time for a short duration or until everyone is allowed outside again. (We were all working full time prior.)

Of course the above was completely understandable! But it meant an adjustment in my time, my salary, my routine, working hours and staying home etc and this was all new territory for me - seeing as I had been working full time for the past ten years straight and during my lunch breaks I worked on my personal writing and designing. But now, how was I going to adjust and focus from that long term routine I had developed?


That there was a puzzle that needed my mental touch. 

So I gathered my facts and evidence, moved the puzzle pieces around and around and around and then finally saw a happy result! I still had a chance to go to work, meet up with my amazing friends and colleagues, enjoy the job I love doing there, and then on the days I would be home I could focus on my career dreams of writing and opening up an online graphic design store (which I hope to launch soon. Yay!).

All the pieces of the puzzle began to fit in perfectly together - like bangers and mash or coffee with cream.

Until I realised working from home 24/7, took a lot more dedication than I thought! But through my trial and error, and reading and reviewing others trial and errors, I came up with a list of:

How To Benefit Your Career Goals During Lockdown - Things NOT To Do.

All of this would apply if you're in the same situation or similar one as mine or even if you're a bossbabe / creative working full time from home.

So here we go: 

Just don't do it! I made that mistake the first two days I was off - call it arrogance on my part thinking I could sleep in late - but it came back to bite me in the damn ass. I had lost a total of four hours in two days! Imagine throwing four hours away when you could be utilizing that time to create!

According to earth, the  average working hours is 8 to 9 hours a day, so set that time for working when at home and not for sleeping. Don't forget to allow a lunch and tea break in between. And even if you prefer getting up late and sleeping later, stick to giving yourself enough hours to achieve your goals.

Just for the duration of your work time. You don't need to know that Sue baked another amazing banana bread and is thinking of opening a banana bread You Tube channel. Nor do you need to discuss the latest feud between Johnny and Amber. You also don't need to know what everyone's (updated) favourite movie and series are or feel the need to watch every Tik Tok video. That can all wait until you're done with work. (Wow, I sound like my mum!)

Leave some time for play, any house work, bonding with friends and family online or with those staying with you. Also give yourself time to enjoy your OWN activities and relax or watch Tiger King. 'Cos really, if you burn out, you won't have the energy to focus on your goals.

Guilty! I can get into zombie mode when I write. Even if there was a murder committed in front of me, I would hardly stir if my writing or designing juices were flowing. In fact, there's been many a time when after sitting for hours at my PC, I stand up, only to realise I can't feel my knees which leads me to cave into the stool next to my table followed by a resounding "Ouch" or "Fuuuuuuuuuu*kkk!" 

(Why the hell I don't remove that stool, I don't know.) But my point is, get up every now and then and stretch your limbs. You won't be able to work at your best pace if your body is aching and blood isn't flowing properly.

Unless you don't have a choice, this option isn't good. Your pillow will call you to sleep and also you will create heavy strain on your back with that sitting posture. Rather set up your laptop or PC on a table, get a chair, cushions, maybe a nice scented candle and work away! Try your best to work from the most isolated spot in your living situation.

However if your house is a busy, noisy house and there's less space, claim a room for yourself for a few hours or wait until the most quieter hours to work. Like when the rest of the household is taking a nap or watching TV in the lounge.

It is a pandemic yes and it's an extremely serious matter. One that will take months and months to recover from in terms of human losses, heartbreak, mental health and the economy being hit so harshly. Almost every person on this planet has been affected in some adverse way with the Corona Virus - BUT I am holding onto hope that the current vaccines being worked on will prove to be a solution or that other possible, effective treatments will soon materialize and the world can safely hug again. Until that time continue working towards your goals and dreams. 
Even if you started it during lockdown. Each day you work at it, is a step closer towards achieving your passion.

And if the law currently restricts you from performing you dream, for instance being a travel blogger which you can't do at the moment, then research and read and spend some time expanding your mind. Read or watch success stories, or listen to podcasts that talk about success, how to save for your business, business building tips, writing tips, marketing etc. These are all the vital ingredients you will need anyway for your goals so utilize this time productively.

What I mean is, think outside the box when it comes to ways you can benefit your career goals and keep your business running. This can also help with those needing to make sideline money during lockdown. 
Example, if your goal is tutoring or being a personal trainer, and you can't teach or train face to face, make a video or script a manuel so that you can continue with your goals. 
This could also open up some new and interesting ideas and avenues on approaching your dream. 

For those who had to close their business during lockdown, spend some time marketing your business for when it opens again, or writing about it, or showcasing your experiences of how and why you started your business etc. You can also explore new ways of running the business once it's up again.

A final word:


Using lockdown time to benefit your goals, that's if you can, can be rewarding. But never force yourself to overwork, stress too much or worry about the future during this crisis if the mental strain is taking its toll on you. Don't feel bad either for feeling this way. You are NOT alone if you're scared, stressed or worried right now. Many people are experiencing this but sadly, not all will admit it.

So please take it one day at a time, schedule plenty of time out to relax if you need to, talk to friends and family if you are feeling despondent and all in all look after your mental health! That's the MOST important thing.

Always be good to yourself and this may sound cheesy and cliche but I really believe it to be true - You will be OK!

So there we go. Another challenging but enjoyable puzzle solved.
Speaking of fun, I'm going to end of with some fun facts: 

  • A whopping 47% of people who work from home say that they are satisfied with the way they live and work. 

  • 82% of people who work from home said that their stress levels have lowered. 

  • One of the main reasons people say they prefer working from home is to avoid commuting. And hey, this helps the environment too!

So happy working towards your goals - from home!


Friday, May 1, 2020

The Zodiac Sign Awards - Which signs wins what personality traits?

Hey Sleuths.

Is you hair did? (Yes, I know, bad grammar but it's all in the name of colloquial amusement.)
Have you got your best dress and heels on and ready for the most explosive awards evening?

You are? Ok, let's go!

But first some background information to set the scene. *Cue melodic drumbeat music*

So for the past year my curious mind has been leading me down the path of astrology. Some of you may believe in it, some may take it with a pinch of salt and others may be a total skeptic.

Whichever category you fit in, that's fine, but you got to admit, sometimes it's fun reading about your zodiac sign and the different personality traits that comes with it.

And seeing as most people worldwide are in lockdown, (meaning many boss babes and creatives can't work while others ARE working full time) it's always refreshing to take a step back from the stress of doing jobs or dealing with boredom and routine and instead entertain ourselves in some way.

Hence I present to you my ZODIAC SIGN award evening!

(This after hours of pleasurable research and investigating each sign and their traits!)

So here we go.

The Zodiac Sign Awards - Which signs wins what Personality Traits? 

From the most meanest sign, to the most sassiest, to the most dangerous, to the most richest, we have it all covered! So without further ado, let's commence the evening and see which sign wins what personality trait award! 

(With each category there will not only be a winner but a second and third runner up too! Whooohoooo!
I hope you ordered some icy cocktails or mocktails because this is going to be an awesome ride!)

*On a side note: NOT EVERY person of the same sign will be identical. In life there are always people on the extreme end of the scale so not every Aries or Gemini or Taurean etc will think and act and behave like other people of their zodiac. Below is just a fun reflection of the large number -according to astrologers and my research - but there's plenty of people who do differ.)

In no particular order:


Intelligence is defined as : The ability to acquire AND apply knowledge and skills.
Meaning this category is NOT just defined to those who have high IQ's. And because intelligence can be proven in various ways this category doesn't have a 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Rather, I have chosen 3 signs that excel in their particular niche of intelligence. 

According to astrologers: SCORPIONS are one of the most smartest signs as they are perceptive and can realistically assess and understand the world and its ways.

Then we have AQUARIANS : Many Aquarians have a strong level of analytical intelligence and score high on their IQs.

Lastly: It's a tie between- PISCES - For their immense emotional intelligence. And VIRGOS for their curious minds and desire to solve 'unsolvable' problems. (Virgo's, you will make good life detectives, so I salute you!)

Image Via Giphy @Doctorwho


Number 3: LEO. Leo's love romance because they love the idea of love and happiness, but mostly they love when someone treats them like a King or Queen (as they feel they rightfully deserve). I mean you gotta stroke a Leo's mane and romance them if you want to stay in their lives! 

Number 2: PISCES : The hopeless romantics and daydreamers who yearn for someone to sweep them off their feet and taking them to a world of doodling hearts and romantic poetry. Aaah!

Number 1: LIBRA : They are one of the most flirtatious signs, but they are addicted to love. They can fall head over heels pretty quickly and exude an array of romantic gestures. (They can also fall in and out of love quickly, but then they soon meet someone else and fall in love all over again. Still, you won't have a shortage of flowers or gifts or massages from these signs!)

(Ahh this has just taken a dark turn.)

Number 3: ARIES- The ominous side of Aries people is their extreme stubbornness and temper. Yet you wont find most Aries in the serial killer department. Rather, most dangerous Aries work best at being hitmen / hitwomen.

Number 2: TAURUS - Extremely temperamental (but only after months and months of building up anger) these signs are known to be the fierce dictators of the world. (The exact date of Adolf Hitler isn't known but he may have been born on the cusp of being Aries or Taurus. No need to say more.) Taureans can also boast of having one of the largest numbers of serial killers in its zodiac realm.

Number 1: CANCER - According to FBI reports, Cancers are one of the more dangerous signs because they are most likely to commit a crime of passion. (You know those crimes where you hack your spouse's body in pieces for having an affair or torture a friend to death for not loving you back.) This comes from their extreme jealousy and mental instability.

So if you are in a relationship with any one of these star signs, make certain that the rat poison and knives are hidden away; that they don't enjoy watching too many horror movies, or that your bathroom wall isn't plastered by swastika signs when you wake up one fine morning! 

Ok ok, just kidding! Like I mentioned not every star sign fits the bill!


These are the star signs with the most number of billionaires:

Number 3: It's a tie between LEO, TAURUS and CANCER with each sign having 20 billionaires in them.

Number 2: PISCES - 22 Billionaires

Number 1: Can you guess which one? Well, the award goes to... LIBRA! - With a delectable 27 Billionaires.


Number 3: - LIBRA - Libra's hate conflict and don't want to appear rude to others, so they would rather be patient and wait things out, even if their elderly neighbour takes thirty minutes to explain a two minute story. 

Number 2: TAURUS - Calculated but also patient, careful and quiet. They usually are not quick to anger; it will take a long while for them to build up unresolved issues and anger before they do finally explode. But yes, they are patient. 

Number 1: CAPRICORN - Capricorns love to take their time to think and are not the kind of people to be rushed. This is simply because they don't like making mistakes and commute on the side of caution rather than impulse.


Number 3: GEMINI : Gemini's love when things work out in their favour, and if it doesn't, they get a bit sassy. I mean, they need to show the world at times whose boss right?

Also at number 3 is SAGITTARIUS. Direct, outspoken and fiesty, they definitely are a sign that displays sass.

Number 2: LEO: Most Leo's you meet will have a bit of sassiness in them. They love being centre of attention and are not afraid of taking risks or saying what's on their mind.

Number 1: ARIES : The Queen of sass! Like Leo's, they love being the centre of attention and with their potent popularity in life, they are prone to be involved in drama often. AKA Drama Queens. 

Still, you gotta love this list because who doesn't enjoy a bit of sass right? 

Via Giphy


Number 3: ARIES : They are not afraid of conflict, they won't hold anything back and they are known to be fiery. In this way Aries can come across as being mean.

Number 2: CAPRICORN: Capricorns can  become extremely aloof if they are not happy with you! Step on the wrong side of a Capricorn and see how quickly they can put you down with their condescending words, glaring eyes and rageful emotions. And they know exactly what they are doing when they are being mean!

Number 1: This award goes to ....SCORPIO: Be wary! You don't want to get on the bad side of a Scorpion! They can ignore you, punish you or be veangeful until you are down on your knees apologising! And don't try talking to them when they're angry; you need to wait until they're calm. And (cough cough) that's only IF they want to talk to you.



Number 3: AQUARIUS. They may occasionally be emotionally detached but in a fuller sense they're witty, sensible and straightfoward - making this sign appealing to others.

Number 2: LEO. They have a shining youthfulness to them and are playful, positive and fair. These lions naturally draw people to them and aim to take care of their personal appearance and looking good.

Number1: GEMINI : Like Leo's they display a youthful exuberance, and are a joy to be around. They are open minded and active and most Gemini's don't believe in holding grudges.


Narcissists are charming, manipulative and lack empathy. They are the kind of people who you easily fall for but then their controlling and manipulative side rears it's ugly head after they make you fall in love with them. These are the signs that display the most narcissistic qualities. 


Number 2: LEO

Number 1: TAURUS - Sorry fellow Taureans, but you take this one.


Engulfed in friendliness and a love of talking, these signs thrive on socialising and being around people more so than others. And usually people love being around them too! 

Number 3: LIBRA


Number 1: GEMINI (Yet another award for Gemini!)


They are the signs that prefer solitude, long walks and deep thinking. They may enjoy their time around people but only for a limited while. Usually, these zodiac signs rejuvenate from being solo. 

Number 3: AQUARIUS

Number 2: PISCES

Number 1: SCORPIO (Most Scorpions are also secretive which ties in with their need for space.) 

Via Giphy

And last but not least:


Number 3: PISCES - These are the dreamers and creators; the ones enhanced with a magical, mystical quality. They can breathe into untapped senses and are known to have premonitions. They are also very perceptive and emotionally intelligent, making them aware of what's between the lines.

Number 2: AQUARIUS - People of this sign are usually insightful visionaries;  along with this a high level of intuition is embedded.

Number 1: CANCER - They feel deeply and have a very strong sixth sense about things. (So really, don't try and lie to a Cancerian - they will know! Even if they don't say so, they know!!)

Also at Number 1 are SCORPIONS. They have a nocturnal sensibility, meaning they can see through the dark when others can't. This is yet another sign to watch out for if you feel the need to not be honest with them. My advise would be: Think twice or run!

So fellow readers, there we go. We have come to the end of my 'imaginary' awards evening and I do thank you for joining.
Please "drive home safely", but before you do, let me know in comments if you agree with the list and how much of it ranked true!

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Top 13 Female Singers Who Can Dance.

"To dance is to be out of yourself. Larger, more beautiful, more powerful...This is power, it is glory on earth and it is yours for the taking."  Agnes De Mille.

Hey sleuths.

How many of you curious detectives and aspiring boss babes, or already made boss babes, love to dance?

Even if it's just as a hobby in your room - with all the curtains closed?

Me personally, I am a LOVER of dancing. Certainly not the best at it...BUT I often do it in my house when no one is looking- so much so, that I think I should invest in a pole and call it a profession? Hmmmm.....

Anyway dancing also helps keep me in shape so that's an all round YAY! 

So in light of lockdown (meaning I have more time than usual) and because of my LOVE of dancing, I decided to investigate, analyse and compile my list of:

 Top 13 female singers who can dance!

*On a side note, a vast amount of these ladies danced and peaked at different decades, and their style of movement varies. So it's not a list of who is the best hip hop dancer, or best street dancer,  or who can pop 'n lock the best. This is simply my thoughts of female singers who can dance to the best of their ability in their own style and way, and who (I think) slays it immaculately.*

There's so many other singers who can dance as well, like Pink, Christina Aguilera, Christina Milian, Mya the list goes on and one etc but after smoking a fake cigar and watching endless music videos, I had to round it off to those who, after investigation, I think deserve to be in my list of top 13.

Excluding girl groups and focusing only on individual ladies, here we go.


Nicole started off as the lead singer in the group Pussycat Dolls. Yeah you remember that burlesque / pop group that was belting out hit after hit during the 2000's?  And while they are back again, whooohoooo, Nicole did go solo for a lengthy period of time. From dancing in a group, to dancing on her own and even partaking in Dancing with the Stars, Nicole has proven that she can handle pop, burlesque and latin movements incredibly well. She exudes style and sexiness and so earns my number 13 spot. 
Here is one of her videos thats shows her flexibility and rhythm. Nicole Scherzinger - Bang.


An absolute legend, Madonna proves that throughout decades she not only can sing, she dances really well too! This is evident in her concerts and most of her music videos. Her iconic video and song Vogue, popularized the dance move of the same name, which had everyone 'striking a pose' in the 1990's and even years later. So if you're bored at home during lockdown, play the video and try the epic dance done by the legend herself.  And don't forget to let me know how it went! 


If you grew up in the late 80's or 90's or have a love of music from that time, you surely must know Paula Abdul! Paula delivered some great hits as a singer but yes you guessed it, she can move as well. She started dancing at the age of eight years old and her love for the craft stayed with her throughout her career of singing. She is known for her high energy pop dancing - but her exemplary music video Straight Up, shows another side of Paula - in which she tap dances beautifully - with moves inspired by the infamous Gene Kelly's dancing and "Singin' in the Rain.". 


Love her or hate her we have to admit Britney can dance y'all! She first came onto the scene with her smasher of a song Hit Me Baby One More Time, and this is where we were introduced to her  pop movements too! She has stayed true to her dance style as seen in concerts and plenty of her music videos. For me, Britney's "Slave for you," video was one of her most iconic songs - it was laced with a sweet blend of seductive choreography that made us all sit up and say, "wow, I fu*kn' want to dance like that!'


One of my all time favourite entertainers - I love her music, style and confidence. I mean seriously what can she NOT do?! She needs no introduction really, and whether you know this or not, I'm going to state it anyway - she started of as a professional dance performer! Her smooth, slick, high energy pop / hip hop moves has lived with her all through the years and her love for dancing is obvious when we see her on stage or in her music videos slaying the beats as she twists and sways her body, hips and feet.

Tina Turner could never get such gorgeous, defined long legs if she wasn't using it all the time. (I'm talking about dancing of course.) She insists that dancing should be feet and hips, not pelvic thrusts.. And true to her word, that's the way Tina moved. She really was one of the best dancers of her time! High energy, big legs, big hips, was what she brought to stage and while she didn't start of as a dancer, there's no denying...there's rhythm flowing through her veins!


Work, work, work work work...something work work...

Remember that song, (some people love it, others find it annoying - I fall in the latter...sorrynotsorry) but despite that, the video Work by Rihanna, showed us (and Drake) that she could TWERK! But Rihanna is no stranger to twerking and gyrating her hips or moving her legs sensually and on point to the music. I love Rihanna and it's easy to see, she has a healthy dose of dance genes embedded in her! Her moves come naturally and she's able to understand and adapt to her choreography as well which is why for me, she makes my list.


Why wouldn't Queen Bey be here? She's high energy, talented, classy, and sassy when she 'pops' and 'hips hops'. She knows exactly how to move every inch of her body, from her chest to hips to legs to booty! Like Rihanna, she has natural rhythm and is known for her twerking and gyrations. Her amazing choreography pushes boundaries at times, but still Beyonce always delivers with powerful skill and professional looking moves. 
There's so many extraordinary dance videos of hers out there but to me Beyonce's Run the World is one of her best -  highlighting her variety and adeptness at dancing. And one of the most compelling lyrics too!


This is a woman who can flaunt her body without having to go over the top! She's slick and talented and I don't know anyone who can ever say Missy cannot dance! Because the reality is, DAMN, she knows how to get down (or up or sideways) and work the floor!
See for yourself! Missy Elliot's Get Ur Freak on!


She was a sensation and although she is no longer with us :( RIP, the legend of her music, singing and dancing lives on twenty years later and is still admired by many. She made dancing look effortless, and unlike many of the other dancers on my list, her moves were not "flamboyant" or big - rather she flowed naturally, polished and smooth. She was immensely gifted with dancing and although she passed away at the young age of twenty -two, she managed to captivate all those who knew her and watched her. Including me. 


I think the dictionary should re define the word 'dancing' as Shakira because really, this pop infused, mixed with belly dancing and flexible Columbian delight is a legendary dancer! Her hips really don't lie and I don't know any other lady that can sway and move their hips the way she does! (And I have tried many times, but alas...I think I should stick to writing- after a glass or two of wine.) It's pure ecstacy watching Shakira's music videos or watching her perform on stage because she has such amazing rhythm - definitely on a league of her own.  **We bow down Shakira. We bow down.**


Do you know what ice -cream or chocolate tastes like? Well, if you don't, (firstly what the freakn hell are you??) and secondly, its yummy, refreshing and addictive. Kinda what it feels like watching Ciara dance. She knows how to move her hips. She knows how to move her booty. She has amazing leg work when moving her feet. She's unbelievably flexible! And she knows how to put that all together in sequence and movement unlike any other. One of the best hip hop and pop dancers ever, I put Ciara at number 2 'cos she damn well deserves it! Honestly, I don't think there's a single move out there she cannot slay!!
Watch one of her best dance videos that shows why she's at my number 2 spot! Ciara - Ride

1. Janet Jackson
I dare you to disagree with me! Miss Jackson was probably dancing in style and to the beat in her mum's belly! Great dancing runs through the blood of the Jackson family and Janet inherited her share for sure! With dancing already in her genes, Janet excels in this field. She moves every inch of her body with precision and skill and always makes it look sexy and effortless. She's an inspiration to many female dancers too,  and while some singers have come close to being able to dance as well as her, Janet is and will always be...untouchable!

Honorary mention:

Ginger Rogers was a singer, actress and dancer during the 1930's and 40's. Her tap dancing skills were exceptional and the way she danced painted a picture as if she were floating in the air. It was beautiful to watch, and she is known as one of the best dancers of all time! Watch one of my favourite dance scene of hers with Fred Astaire!!! 

So sleuths, do you agree with my list? Or what are your own observations and analysis? Let me know in comments! 

For now...happy dancing! (I'm off to find a pole.) 

Friday, April 10, 2020

Wet Markets - What are they, are they Legal and did the Corona Virus Originate there?

Hey Sassy Sleuths

Forgive me, but today I’m going down a dark rabbit hole with today's blog – simply because this subject holds close to my beliefs and passion and quite frankly I’m f**kng angry.

However I first must explain that with my former naïve self, I had known about wet markets in the past, yet it was vague to me what the markets really were, the controversy going on and even that they were called wet markets!

But with the Corona Virus hitting the world so drastically and suddenly, wet markets have become a hot topic as they are said to have been the start of where the first human was infected with Corona. This then caused most of us to google 'what the hell are wet markets?' (And I don’t blame you. We curious minds wanted answers dammit!)

And for those of you who don’t know what a wet market is, it’s a market where spices, vegetables, fish and seafood are sold. It’s also where animals, including dogs, rabbits and cats as well as exotic animals (pangolins, civets, peacocks etc) and even those near extinction are kept in tiny cages and sold. Animals are slaughtered alive before selling, and with the slaughtering of animals comes blood on the (dance) floor – sorry couldn’t help myself- but yes, anyway, blood on the floor. The blood is then hosed away with water and thus the name wet market.

A Seafood Market
Controversially, it can also be termed as an “incubator for diseases."

Now here’s the thing about me. I AM AN ANIMAL LOVER! Always have been and always will be. (This means I oppose any sort of ill-treatment, abuse and unnecessary / sadistic killing of all beautiful creatures and species that are breathing!)

Via Giphy

BUT we are sleuths and to be a sleuth we have to be objective in one's analysis and findings.

So let’s dive in a bit deeper and discover the answer of: Did the Corona Virus originate at the Wuhan Seafood Wet Market?

I read up a lot concerning this and the simple answer given by scientists and those working in the labs are, 'we are unsure at this time.'

The reason wet markets came into play as a prime suspect was because certain species of bats harbour corona already, and with wet markets, which also sell bats, coupled with the fact that live and dead animals are so close in proximity to each other and humans, the theory was that the virus could easily have been transferred from a bat to a human or from a bat to another animal to a human from that place. 

However, the first person that contracted the corona virus is said to have had no contact or relation with the Wuhan Seafood Market! Or any wet market.

There were also those who tested positive early on for Corona and they said they too had never been to a wet market. On the contrary there were others with Corona that said that they had visited the wet market.

So all in all,we are not really sure if the virus began at the Wuhan Seafood Wet Market. 

*On an interesting note, two viruses that occurred at different times but within the last 30 years and have caused multiple deaths are SARS and MERS (also related to corona virus and which stands for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome respectively) are thought to have allegedly originated from the wet markets.

So with all this controversy surrounding wet markets, the question lingers: Are they legal?

Simple answer – (and a big sigh from me) they are allowed to operate. They are much like farmers markets and are said to be an essential part of everyday life. Some people though are raising the question of: can these markets continue but without the slaughtering and animal abuse?

“The banning of these markets will be impossible as well as destructive to urban food security in China as they play an important role for urban residents to access affordable food,” says Dr. Zhenzhong Si a research associate at the University of Waterloo who studies food security in China. 

So it seems that these wet markets, prevalent in Asian countries, but that also exists in other continents, won’t go away anytime soon. However a vast number of people around the globe including a number of Asians oppose these markets because of the unhygienic methods used and the ill treatment of animals.

Image via Giphy by Maudit

Those who do support the killing of these animals and slaughtering them alive, and this is just my opinion, are being selfish and heartless with their action. Viewing pictures and videos of wet markets and how the animals are horrendously treated and caged is NOT WORTH the monetary value they get from selling it. (Would you allow kids to be caged and sell them or slaughter them alive? Most of you would say no, actually I'm hoping every one of you would say no, so what's the difference with living, breathing, thinking, feeling animals? Both would be defenceless in these cases and both have the ability to experience pain.) 

Also with so many animals near extinction, what will be left to sell at the end of the day??!

I have nothing against the markets selling meat like cattle and pigs, which if the animals were properly treated and farmed while alive, ‘killed with kindness’ de-skinned, drained of their blood etc and then brought to the market and sold, that to me, is a much lesser evil of the two! 

But for animals to be alive, or to be placed next to fresh carcasses of other dead or bleeding animals, is not only a recipe for diseases and sickness towards humans and other animals, it's also plain down ANIMAL CRUELTY.

Therefore I am ALL FOR the wet markets to operate but to BAN the system of caging and badly treating / slaughtering innocent live and freshly dead animals as well as selling exotic and near extinct animals. Whether for food or medicinal purposes.

Right now almost everyone in the world is undergoing quarantine and lockdown. On the truly heartbreaking end of the scale, people are dying in masses everyday while on the other end, as humans are locked up in ‘cages,’ nature is thriving better than it ever did before we laid hands on it.

And to get everything back to equilibrium the answer to this is - there is a middle ground to be met! If we all come to it, we can all do this together! Have your food and meat if you want it, but take care of animals in the process. If it’s medicinal remedies you need out of murdering or hurting animals, there are other, safer, legal methods of acquiring this including herbal, home and pharmaceutical solutions.

The end result of greed is always destruction. 

(But I guess it's the bigger powers that need to also wave their magic the right way.)

At the end of the day we need to take care of nature so that nature can take care of us.

We may never know how the first human contracted the Corona virus and whether it came from the wet market or not. But it has opened our eyes to not only how fragile life is but to how animals are being treated.

Because of the constant news about wet markets after Corona Virus more and more people have become aware and are actively resisting the act of animal abuse at these places. 

Therefore if we can take anything away from this dreaded disease, it's that nature is fighting back! 

*But more voices need to be heard, knowledge needs to be spread and changes should be made.*

Be good to yourself, cherish all creatures, be kind, stay home, stay safe! 

What are your opinions on the wet market? Please comment, I would love to know!

Sunday, March 29, 2020

12 Fun and Productive things to do during Lockdown

COVID-19.  Lockdown

F*ck, I know right.

All this social distancing became an eye-opener for me three weeks ago here in South Africa.

It was Saturday night, 7pm, that I decided to take a drive around my area. 

Now, I live in a vibey, upbeat place occupied in sports fields, pubs, bars and restaurants. There’s ALWAYS evening joggers, soccer, laughing, dancing, drinking (a whole lot of drinking!) and maybe even some amateur two seconds of fighting and swearing the other person’s mum or throwing a banana at the person who took your parking spot.

But not this weekend.

After our President ruled that all bars and restaurants were to be closed at 6pm, it was a sad revelation witnessing everything around me all dark and eerily silent on a Saturday night. Driving through was like driving through a ghost town. I was hit hard then and there, thinking about the fatalities, the fear and the possible failing economy here and worldwide. 
However, the most part of me was glad that people were adhering to rules and staying indoors.

Not my ghost town, but a picture of a ghost town nevertheless  

*It’s always best in situations like these to be safe for you and your loved ones!*

But what’s a gal (or guy) to do while social distancing themselves from the world? Here are some options:

NOTE: A week after that drive, the President of South Africa declared a 21 day lockdown which is where I currently am and due to all the changes, it’s taken me three weeks to write this blog. But anyway here I am:

12 fun and productive things to do during lockdown 

(Ways we can all get through this “lonely” period and stay strong for each other so that soon, life can go back to the beautiful chaos of normality.)

1. Train you Brain
Get your hands on  Get yourself crosswords, trivia quizzes or sudoku. It’s a great way to pass time while training your neurons. There’s plenty of apps like these to download or you can use ones that appear in newspapers. Scout through your old newspapers if they’ve been lying at the bottom of your  cupboard. (I bet you’re glad you kept ‘em now.)

2. Cooking / Baking
You wanted to try that new Mac and Cheese recipe you saw on Jamie Oliver’s cooking show. Or you feel it’s time you tried your hand at baking. Go ahead. This is a fun way to get through those indoor days. Up your cooking game, experiment in the kitchen or attempt to make something when you have never cooked or baked. What’s the worst that could happen? (Well, apart from burnt food or a kitchen. But if you just keep an eye on the stove and timing all should be good!)

My first attempt at making lemon meringue pie. Though I flopped on the meringue part. Still it was tasty lol

3. Learn to dance.
C’mon you can do this! No one is watching you and even if they are, it will only be family members, roomates or your better half. There’s plenty tutorials online for beginners, amateur and those who want to improve their dance technique. It’s great, because you will be learning and getting a workout at the same time! Who knows, maybe even after the lockdown you can parade your new skill at the club down the road! (And call me if you are 'cos this writer loves to dance!)

(I am a Matt Stefanina fan so this is one of his dance link tutorials that I follow and pasted for you if you want to learn as well!) *No affiliation, I'm just a fan*

4. Colour and Paint
Purchase a colouring book and crayons, - yes the ones meant for kids but hey live a little.  It’s cheap and beautifully soothing to colour. Just try and stay within the lines! And if you do, don’t be embarrassed to give yourself a gold star! Also now can be the IDEAL time learning to paint or draw if you ever aspired to do so.

5. Family Cam or chat
One of the more depressing things about lockdown is being isolated from family and friends that do not dwell with you. Use this opportunity if you can to video call all loved ones. Or spend some time on your phone chatting to them. This will really mean a lot and I hate to say this but the frightening reality, especially during this fatal pandemic, is we don’t know who will be infected and when will be the last time we see our family and friends, so please keep in touch! Make them smile and have a laugh along the way, until all is well with the world and hugs will once again be  a lovely common factor in living. Aaaaah hugs!
Also reach out on social media if you're feeling lonely and connect to those you can relate to, talk with or have a laugh with. 

6. Spring Clean
Ok this is something I need to do too! This will keep you wonderfully busy and since we all ‘never have time to spring clean’…uhmm…guess what….now you can. And so can I (reminder to self). Spring cleaning means making sure every nook and cranny in the house is dusted and properly scrubbed.  And if you want to, you can even REARRANGE your place! Move the beds and couches around as desired. And don’t forget to dust the top of those damn shelves! (Uhmm another reminder to self.)

Via Giphy

7. Binge Watch
Who would ever think the world would be encouraging people to spend time chatting on their phone and watching TV / You Tube. But in an ironic twist of fate I’m going to say, please go ahead and do that! The most important thing about lockdown is being indoors for your safety and everyone else but also keeping yourself sane and healthy - physically and mentally. So don’t feel guilty about watching what you want. Even if it’s catching up on an old series or the latest movie. Whatever it is, I’m sure almost everyone out there won’t complain to a box of popcorn, cuddling on their couch and viewing some entertainment to pass a few hours every day. (Also if you are a Pretty Little Liars fan, please don’t tell me who “A” is, I need to catch up on that one! : ) )

8. Read
If you’re a fan of reading, then this is a convenient time to immerse yourself in some classics or mysteries or romance. Or even read up on books that talk about success and the mind. (I’m going to be positive and predict that as long as everyone keeps safe and stays safe and stays AT HOME during lockdown then our near future should look much better concerning the corona virus and we will be ready to slay again!) So keep those brain cells informed by reading. Even if you’re not a fan of this amazing activity, have shorter reading sessions like blog articles or the news.

9. Work on your business
One of the saddest, truly concerning fact about the corona virus, apart from the many heartbreaking deaths is many people are in the midst of losing their company, their job or have lost it already. I pray and hope that each Government / President is able to provide and compensate for this in some way. I know many of my family members are also in the same crisis and possibly even me if the lockdown in South Africa goes longer than 21 days. But for those who can work from home during the lockdown period, please proceed to do so. Whether it be you working for your company, or yourself or taking time out to start something new we should stick to filling hours doing jobs from home. I, personally am using the lockdown period for blogging, writing and designing which is my part time job. Hours can go by with this and at least you know you are being productive. And productive is always a good thing! So if you’re able to, work away soldiers!

10. Different Eras
If you’ve always wanted to live in a different decade, now you can from the comfort of your home! You can go back to the flapper era (1920’s) or 50’s or 80’s or even victorian. Any decade really. Look through your cupboard for any clothes that closely resemble your decade of choice; prepare foods from that time and get on you tube to play the relevant music. This is especially fun to execute if you are on lockdown with kids or your parents or teenagers. But hey, if you’re alone as well this helps! We all love a bit of time travel right? You can get as crazy and authentic as you like. Just remember to come back to reality once you are done.

Via Giphy

11. Exercise
Yes. I said it. It’s very tempting during a lockdown to sleep most of the day away and spend nights watching TV or on You Tube and avoid any physical action. *Hello to the red eye, unkempt hair, repeated nightwear three nights in a row, peeps* 
But now more than ever, you need to keep your exercise routine going or start developing one. There are two imperative reasons why. 1. You need to keep healthy and allow your immune system to be as strong as it can be. 2. Exercise will help to physically and mentally stimulate you, so that even amidst this ‘dark’ time you manage to keep positive. Trust me, you will feel happier and rejuvenated after a good exercise session. For those people who prefer outdoor jogging or gym - I miss my walks and jogs in the park too so I get you!- do the best you can in the meantime. If the lockdown does not allow you to have a daily walk, then exercise at home with You Tube tutorials, skipping, jumping around, dancing, kickboxing, squats, dumbells, exercise machines, yoga etc.

12. Document yourself
It’s OK at this point to feel scared, worried or to want to add a bit of humour during this gloomy period. Whatever you are feeling, spend some time writing it down on your journal, blog, diary, or start a podcast or a You Tube channel. It’s an awesome way to get your feelings out, connect with others and utilize your time.

Along with the above don’t forget to always consume plenty of water, work on any indoor hobbies and eat as healthy as you can.

Be kind, be strong, obey the laws, don’t play the blame game and always be good to others and yourself!


I hope you enjoyed my tips on things to do during lockdown! I tried to keep this blog as light-hearted as I could despite what we, the world in unison, are experiencing.

*On my next blog I am hoping to deliver more about the Corona Virus and it’s origin and this will lean towards a slightly more serious blog. (You may need wine or a hot drink.)*

For now, how are you all handling a lockdown. Are you OK? And are you currently in lockdown mode?

Please comment or let’s talk. I would love to know!

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